The Bellcroft Observatory
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About Us
Scopes-4-Schools, Inc. (a non-profit organization) and the Bellcroft Observatory were both founded in 2008 by Richard Stember, an entrepreneur living in Orange County, California. 

The mission of Scopes-4-Schools is to support astronomy research and education in the public schools.  It's goal is to educate the public on the importance of supporting scientific research.  Richard serves as the organization's Executive Director.

Richard is also the CEO of LABTrack, LLC and the inventor of the award winning  LABTrack Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) software. LABTrack is used by thousands of research scientists around the world to maintain and organize their research notes and files.

As an avid amateur astronomer Richard loves to host and participate in public astronomy outreach events.  Richard also serves as a volunteer at the California Science Center's Endeavour exhibit, is a NASA Solar System Ambassador and gives presentations at schools and libraries around SoCal.  The NASA Solar System Ambassador program is managed for NASA by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadenda California.  More information is available at NASA/JPL Ambassadors

Richard Stember (right) and his son David at a recent astronomy outreach event.
A public outreach program of Scopes-4-Schools, Inc.  a non-profit organization that supports research and public education.
"One of my great pleasures is showing people the beauty of the night sky.  You wouldn't believe the number of times I have heard people literally gasp when they see Saturn or the Moon through a telescope for the first time.  I will probably never tire of that sound."  
                             - Richard Stember
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