Scopes-4-Schools Inc. was founded in 2008 as a non-profit corporation.  It currently runs two programs to support science and education in the U.S.

Equipment Donation Program

Scopes-4-Schools donates telescopes to grade schools, high schools, colleges and universities around the country for use in instruction and extra-curricular activities.  Equipment that is donated to Scopes-4-Schools Inc. is refurbished if necessary and then often donated directly to a school. Non-repairable or non-usable telescopes and accessories are sold to raise money to fund Scopes-4-Schools Inc.

Education and Public Outreach

Scopes-4-Schools also organizes public outreach events at schools, libraries and other public venues. These events include star parties, presentations, and panel discussions to build public support for science research.  Most research in the U.S. is funded with federal tax dollars.  For this reason it is essential to the future of science that the public understands the importance of research.

How Can You Help?

Donations of equipment, money and/or volunteering time are always welcome. Any type of scientific equipment and accessories may be donated to Scopes-4-Schools Inc.

  •     Support science education in the classroom
  •     Build public support for scientific research
  •     Help teachers acquire much needed equipment
  •     Inspire students to learn more about science

To donate telescopes and equipment or volunteer your time please send us an email at

Monetary donations can be made by clicking on

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of telescopes are donated to schools?

Below are examples of the types of telescopes that have been or will be donated to schools:

Colleges and Universities:  8 inch - 14 inch SCT with and without mounts and tripods.
High Schools: 5 inch - 10 inch SCT with mounts and tripods, Hydrogen Alpha solar telescopes.
Grade Schools:  60 mm - 8 inch Goto telescopes and Hydrogen Alpha solar telescopes.

How do teachers and schools apply  to receive a donated telescope?

Click here (application) to download a PDF application form or send an email request to

Are donations tax deductible?

Scopes-4-Schools does not yet have 501(c)(3) tax exempt status from the IRS-  but the receiving institutions generally do and can often provide a donation receipt for charitable giving deductions.  Before making a donation we suggest getting advice from your tax advisor.

How can I get additional information?

For more information call Richard Stember, Executive Director of Scopes-4-Schools Inc. at
(949) 616-9481 or send an email to
Photo by Lorenzo Massimi taken with a Coronado PST telescope.
    Ms Paulette Cinotti

The donated Meade/Coronado P.S.T. solar telescope will be used by 6th grade science teacher Ms. Paulette Cinotti.

"I cannot tell you how excited I am about this telescope and I know that the students will be just as excited" wrote Ms. Cinotti upon learning about the donation.

Ms. Cinotti will be supported by Phil Fimiani, a local amateur astronomer and volunteer for Scopes-4-Schools.

Springer Science + Business Media LLC
( has generously donated the book "Observing the Sun with the Coronado Telescopes" by Philip Pugh to accompany the Scopes-4-Schools donation. The book is one of several in Springer's acclaimed
Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy series.

Thank you Springer Science for your generous donation. And thank you Phil Fimiani for volunteering to help Ms. Cinotti with her new telescope.
NJ Middle School First to Receive Solar Telescope Donation
Scopes-4-Schools has announced that it's first telescope donation has been given to the Ridgewood Ave middle school in Glen Ridge NJ.

Scopes-4-Schools Inc.
Lake Forest CA School Receives Night Sky Telescope
Scopes-4-Schools recently donated a Meade ETX-60 telescope to the Gates Elementary School in Lake Forest California.

See the article here